Rebecca Soteros Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Walker marries

Rebecca Soteros is not just the mother of late actor Paul Walker’s only child, she was also his former girlfriend. The two had a brief but tumultuous relationship that ended in tragedy when he became famous for his role in the Fast and Furious series. The fans are curious to know her relationship with the star. Rebecca Soteros’s past life is being discussed on the social media.

Who is Rebecca Soteros?

Rebecca’s parents were active in the Christian community, where she grew up. Her mom was an administrator at Village Christian School and her dad served on several committees that helped shape its philosophy to what it is today.

She attended this school until graduating high school with honors before going off into higher education herself because of how much they valued intelligence over popularity; receiving degrees both Bachelor’s degree & teaching certificate. She is educated personality. And mother of the Meadow Walker.

Meadow Walker’s mother Rebecca Soteros

The newlyweds were seen wearing black and white as they posed for the cameras, having fun with their friends. The bride was also spotted sharing warm moments with her father’s Fast and Furious co-stars Vin Diesel (Diesel) Jana Brewster in this video montage from the wedding ceremony!
Vin Diesel is the spiritual godfather to Meadow Walker, who he walked down the aisle in place of her father after Paul’s tragic passing. The two shared an emotional bond ever since then and it made sense that Vin would take this responsibility upon himself when she inherited his Hollywood empire too!

Paul Walker and Meadow Walker

Paul and Rebecca dated for over two decades before celebrating their wedding day in 1998. The California native started dating Paul Walker that same year and welcomed daughter Meadow into the world with him just one month later, but they soon parted ways after Rebecca moved back home when she was 11 years old because of family matters there needing attention.

After completing the program, Rebecca moved to the home back. Although she still resides in California, Rebecca spends time with her daughter and remains out-of-sight just like before they moved together for rehab.

Prior to his death, Paul Walker named his mother Cheryl Ann as the legal guardian of Meadow. This led to a tough custody battle between Rebecca and Cheryl but luckily they were able reach an agreement where both she would care for their daughter while also living with them at home until such time that one or more grandkids are old enough adopt her into their family without any problems whatsoever!

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