Rising rapper Lil Perkio age, real name, Instagram and net worth

Know the rapper Lil Perkio age, instagram and new songs of the new artist 

In rapping scene Rapper Lil Prekio is catching people’s and community’s eyes thanks to the exciting video posted by another successful rapper in the scene 6ix9ine. So, what was that all about and what incident was that let us know all in details via this article that is going to stop all the gossips that are making rounds in the media. The rapper is making sensational posts on the Instagram as he has total 338K followers on the Instagram profile. Here we posted the rapper Lil Perkio age, life, wife and career.

Who is Rapper Lil Prekio?

Lil Prekio is an upcoming rapper from the United States of America who has all the required skills to reach the top of the rapping world pretty easily. He has gained much of his fame recently thanks to his rapping skills. Recently this young rapper from the USA got highly popular thanks to the video of 6ix9ine and him where it looked a bit clear that he resembles Lil Durk a lot. Now after that viral video people are trying to know more about this budding rapper and his professional life. Young rapper was apparently ambushed by 6ix9ine and all his team members as far as we have heard him claim. The Instagram live that happened on April 26 has brought him up in the news again for some good and exciting reasons and he must thank 6ix9ine for that.

Lil Perkio Age

Lil Prekio is a young person as many expect but his actual age is not known to many and many think he is around 18 years to 21 years old as of now. Although people now know his actual name and that is Dareal Perkio but it is also not confirmed officially yet by this young and enthusiastic rapper. He is a perfect look-alike of the highly famous Lil Durk and this appearance can make him easily famous in the rapping scene and also among the public if he keeps performing well.

Lil Perkio on Instagram

Lil Perkio is officially available on the Instagram which has total 338K followers. Also he few songs performed very well on the charts and market.

Big artists appreciated the skills of the young man whose name is growing in the music industry.

The total net worth of the Lil Perkia is below the $1 million mark in 2022.

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