Robert Mapps death in Motorcycle accident Florida (Obituary)

Who was Robert Mapps? We are hearing the death news of the drag racer on social media. He was a racer and rider who died in motorcycle accident. The report emerged on social media where fans reacts on his death story. Robert Mapps loved to ride motorcycles and had a huge interest in motor races. While he rode at the highest speed, his hobby cost him dearly when an accident happened on the street of Florida where Robert fell off from one such bike he was using for practice sessions with Prayoonto Racing Team. He was known in street for different titles in moto racing.

Who was Robert Mapps?

Robert Mapps was 26 years old and popular drag racer in United States and it is said that he never slowed bike on tracks and also while riding on the street. But due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident, Robert passed away soon at young age. Fans are sad on hearing sudden death news. This was totally unexpected and hearting for racing lovers.

Mapps was considered as one of the legends of street racing. He was like a champion who achieved titles in young age in street racing world.

He was passionate about riding and racing on tracks.

Robert Mapps Died in accident

The state news and media reported that Robert Mapps died in Florida motorcycle accident. Robert’s bike accident caused him to die on the spot. Robert Mapps was a motorsports enthusiast who got into an accident in Florida. The popular racer died on the spot, leaving behind no information about his family or any siblings to remember him by.

His fans are missing him and posting tributes messages for him on social media.

Mapps was married. He was not single. But we don’t know his wife and family yet.

More unknown facts

Robert Mapps, a popular and talented racer who dreamed of joining the Prayono team was sadly killed in an unfortunate accident that left him on his bike. The Florida man loved to ride fast down roads at high speeds but when he reached for one last time. As per reports, Robert’s front wheel slipped causing him severe head injuries which ultimately led to death. He died on spot.

Many drag racers posted message paying tribute to him and remembering his achievements. He was young gem in the street racing world. No official statements yet came from family of the racer.

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