Romance Guide Presents Primarily based on Curiosity

As a reading lover, I enjoy nothing more than recommending, lending or giving books that I love to friends with similar literary tastes. Reading is often a one-on-one activity, but when you share a book with someone else, invite them on a journey with you – to laugh, cry, learn, connect with characters, and just immerse yourself in the adventure. Also, I find so much happiness in a good story that I always look for ways to convey the same fuzzy feeling to others. I can’t help it!

When I give a book to a friend, I like to go beyond the general genre and relate certain story topics to their interests. Not only does this make the gift more personal, but it’s a safe bet that you will like at least some parts of the book. If you have a love book to give to a friend or need recommendations for yourself, here are some of the love stories I would recommend to my own friends based on their interests.

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