Russell Wolfe ABC Death Cause, Wife and Obituary

Listening to someone voice every morning on radio and getting entertained and charge is a great feeling, right? A familiar voice beloved by all, Russell Woolf who hosted the breakfast program of ABC Perth is not more. It is a saddening and heavy indulge feeling that drops us into sorrow. The journalist died at 57 on 26th of October 2021, and it was announced by his close colleague Geoff Hutchison.

As per the reports, Russell Woolf died when he was asleep and there is no specific cause of death declared yet. It took over 2 hours after his death that the news was aired on radio. Russell Woolf was a great soul and of course a friendly one. The family agreed for the news to be aired to the fans, and eventually the fans are broken to it. It’s painful to know that the voice that we are habituated to and that keeps us entertain is not among us anymore.

Hutchison recalled the very first day Russell joined ABC, it was a sweet morning in month of June 2006. As per the words of his colleagues, Russel was too jolly and friendly and whenever they went out on a trip, they made friends everywhere. This was expressed through a quotation by Hutchison, “larger than life and big and fun and welcoming”. Ah! That breaks the heart there.

Russell has a family, his wife name is Kylie and a daughter named Bronte. The family was hard-stricken after knowing the news. It is still officially awaited to hear it from the family, but for now the family is mourning on the unbearable loss. Not just the family at home, but the colleagues of Russell, who treated him as a family are taking up their thoughts on Twitter. After the news, twitter flooded with messages of condolence towards loss of Russell.

ABC Perth has seen a loss today, similar to one that resembles Eoin Cameron, a 65 years old breakfast presenter, who passed in 2016 with a heart attack. We really hope that the soul of Russell rest in peace as he was a reason of smile to thousands every morning. Stay connected with us for more news relating ABC Pert host Russell Woolf.

The Russell Wolfe net worth is $1.2 million. He was famous journalist in Australia who appeared on ABC Perth. He was the best known presenter of his time who hosted the Breakfast program on the news channel.

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