Russian Soldier Alexei Bychkov video on Twitter/reddit

Gruesome Video of Russian soldier Alexei Bychkov emerged

Many disturbing things takes place around the world. The main concern is taking action against it. One such incident took place recently when a Russian soldier was arrest for rap**g a one year old Ukrainian baby. Isn’t it gruesome? Even we are disgusted on this horrifying act. The Russian soldier name is Alexei Bychkov and he has been arrested for the act that he have done. Read our article till the very end to know everything relating to this case.

Who is Alexei Bychkov?

Alexei Bychkov was born is 1997 and is 24 years old. He fought the war against Ukraine in the recent Russia-Ukraine war. There was an allegation made against the Russian soldier that he raped a one year old Ukrainian baby. He mocked the baby and filmed it, later he sent this video to his fellow soldiers. This is where the video started to share on the internet. It took trend on the social platform Twitter. People felt outrageous to see such a scene in front of their eyes.

What is the case?

The government didn’t stop there, they arrested the person and relieved him from his duty of ‘soldier’. It is clear that been a soldier means the person needs to have ethics. As per media coverage, 24 years old Alexei Bychkov lives in Krasnodar Territory. Due to many security reason, the video got circulated on applications like Telegram. Majority of people are against the fact that a soldier serving the country and nation during a war can do something like this. There isn’t a single punishment that can compensate this horrifying act.

More facts about Alexei Bychkov

We have still less information relating to his personal life. But we are sure that he deserves to be held responsible and the government has to take an action against him. Till then stay tuned for getting more information on Alexei Bychkov. We hope that we are gathering the best trusted information that you can get. Know more about the one year old harassment case through us. The current allegations are on Alexei Bychkov. Continue reading more articles that can guide you with proper news.

The matter in under the investigation. It is being investigated at the national level and got the headlines coverage to the international media headlines. The more details of this case will be updated here after the proper investigation on soldier.

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