Sammy Blais and Connor Mcdavid cheating and other commented on sister

Sammy Blais and Connor Mcdavid got into the media headlines because of their recent shameful activities

Well social media is a very funny place and you know what can pop when. With Instagram booming as one of the top social media platform these days, you never know what is going to happen at all. Sometimes your simple comments also can be taken out of the context and you will be mocked and criticized heavily. This is pretty hard sometimes to deal with especially if you are a celebrity of a really high level. These things sometimes can catch you off-guard. You never know what is next too. These are the things that can really complicate your situation with ease. This time we are talking about Sammy Blais who has been caught off-guard in one such situation and is being mocked heavily.

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Well, as you this was not a season this guy would like to remember. This season was cut short for this amazing player due to injury. It happened when PK Subban had delivered a slew foot to this guy and that guy had caused a bit of terrible injury. This player was only able to play 14 games this season for the Rangers and missed out the whole playoff games unfortunately due to the injury he got. This had been a really terrible news for him, Rangers and their fans when this injury had happened.

This guy is now being in news today for whole lot of weird reasons. He saw a picture of his sister in Instagram as she had posted it in her profile. That picture was really amazing and this guy termed it as se$y and after looking that comment all the people who saw it are mocking this guy. The people are shocked that how can a brother term his sister s**y. We think it was taken out of the context. Then one day, this man saw his sister post an Instagram picture of herself in her profile. The photo was gorgeous and he complimented it by calling out “s$$y”. However many people who viewed the comment mocks him for making advances on women they do not know.

Connor Mcdavid also spotted with a girl in a video. It seems that she is not Lauren Kyle. The netizens took no time to react and called Connor McDavid cheating his girlfriend. The video is also viral on social media.

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