Scelo Mbokazi Ukhozi FM Dies, photos, age and wife

Who was Scelo Mbokazi? Death Cause and Obituary 

There is no social status that commands people in understanding their value after their death. One such person is currently trending on social media and people are curious to know who he is. We are talking about Scelo Mbokazi. He died recently, and people are looking for all the bio details such as his age, occupation, family and much more. If you are one of those who are keen to know what is going on, then continue to read our article till very end. We will update you relating to everything about Scelo Mbokazi.

The announcement about the death of Scelo was announced on SABC The station confirmed that Scelo died because of an illness. According to reports, Scelo had been sick for a long time and as a result, Scelo died. In his profession, Scelo worked as a anchor, news reader anchor, anchor, and news reader. Scelo is also an author, in the midst of all these roles.

Scelo died on June 10 2022. The cause of his death was an illness that lasted only a few days. Scelo Bishop Mbokazi who was an ex- ukhozi FM newsreader passed away as per the South African Broadcasting Service. We wish his soul to rest in peace and we offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. Then in South Africa, he was famous for his news reading and anchoring the newscast. He was a household name and was called “The Bishop.” Many people were aware of the name of the bishop and he was often referred to as one of them.

Overall, he had established an organization and a brand name for himself, the bishop. People were aware of his name without even being aware of his presence. He was a master of his craft in the way he communicated information and updates. Internet users began to offer emotional condolences for the family members and close friends of Scelo the moment the announcement of his death was made publicly known. Continue to follow us for more updates relating to his death.

Scelo, a well-known anchor and news reader died on SABC. He had been sick for some time but it is unclear how he passed away due to an illness that cannot be named at this point in time according his station’s announcement made about Scelo’ passing.” Everyone in the radio community is saddened by his death news.

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