See This Journalist Use Her “Information Anchor” Voice on Husband

Many of us work from home these days, which means our partners are lucky enough to see us in our “office” setting. With Jeannette Reyes, however, it looks a little different. She and her husband Robert Burton are both television journalists. They usually leave their “anchor voices” in the studio, but Jeannette recently surprised Robert by bringing work back on a couple of TikTok videos in unexpected ways – like it or not.

You may be wondering why anchors have these signature voices. As Jeannette explained in another video, television journalists intentionally sound quite similar. “Decades ago it was known as the Mid-Atlantic accent, now the General American accent. It’s a neutralized accent and makes you sound like you’re from anywhere but nowhere,” she said. According to Jeannette, viewers are more likely to trust their news anchors when they sound familiar.

“Another thing we do is we tend to over-say, and the reason we do that is because we want to be easily understood because we are passing on some important information,” she continued. “After all, we use our diaphragm when we speak and the reason for this is to give our vocal cords a break.” The more you know!

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