Sergey Beseda FSB – Why is Ukraine spy chief arrested?

Who Is Sergey Beseda FSB? Multiple Sources Claim Putin Intelligence Officer Is Under House Arrest

With the recent events going on between Ukraine and Russia, there is not one day that doesn’t come with shock. Another news strikes the market by showing the actual requirement of people to know the news. People are afraid that one wrong move from any country and one wrong political decision may held the citizens in danger.

In the recent event and news, it is said that, Putin’s Intelligence officer is held under arrest as he couldn’t capture the complete Ukraine after several attempts. These decisions are hard to take as the Intelligence Officer is none other but Sergey Baseda. He is one of the candidates that has been working with government and agency since 2009. He is also a Colonel General of the Russian government as well.

He is a figure whose personal information is available on Wikipedia as well, but it surely lacks a lot of information such as education and personal details. He was the Chief Deputy Head of the Department of the Federal Security Service. This was in the beginning of his career in 2003. Then he became Federal Security Service’s International Relations Service and Operational Information in 2009. For most of the time he has been serving as the Intelligence Officer in the Russian Government.

Sergey Beseda has been help house arrest along with the Deputy Anatoly Bolyukh. People are concerned that, both of them were involved in the Putin’s Ukraine invasion mission. But then why are they held in house arrest? The answer is simple. Since their plans became fail for the invasion of Ukraine, Putin and his government decided to held them arrested for sometime until some other speculations are made. Till then, lets see what may happen.

Stay tuned, we will update you on more news relating to Sergey Beseda. Current status is, he is house arrest in Russia and isn’t allowed to communicate with anyone outside. We will be sharing all the news relating to Sergey Beseda in the present Russia-Ukraine war.

Sergey Beseda, a political asylum seeker from Russia who helped plan the Putin’s Ukraine invasion mission is being held in house arrest. The question on everyone’s mind though is why? Well according to our source here at Immigration Daily; it seems that both him and Anatoly Bolyukh were involved with something called “the old regime” before they came into power so now everything has been flip-flopped – no more rehabilitations necessary.

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