Shailene Woodley on Residing With Aaron Rodgers Amid Pandemic

Image source: Getty / Rindoff / Charriau Image source: Getty / Jason Merritt

Amid social distancing restrictions, some of us have an affinity for baking sourdough bread or learning to crochet. To the Big little lies Star Shailene Woodley, it was a time to meet her now-fiancé Aaron Rodgers, a dating process the couple sped up by moving in together “immediately” at the beginning of the relationship. “Starting a relationship where you move in with someone straight away – because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane and fly back and forth on the weekend – taught us a lot about each other very quickly,” she said Shape during a recent interview. “We jumped in headlong and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early on.”

Like many people who have experienced social isolation during the pandemic, Shailene found herself in an awkward introspective headspace. “I was alone with my dog ​​and didn’t see anyone for three months,” she says. “It forced me to be quiet and quiet.” She spent three months in quarantine with Aaron, and seven months later the two lived together. “My perspective is that I would have met Aaron in any context and at any time because I feel like we should be together,” she said, recognizing the time of social distancing as a time to get away from each other the public eye.

Since their engagement was announced, Aaron and Shailene have kept further details about their relationship secret. While it’s unclear exactly how they met, Shailene confirmed their engagement during an interview The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on February 22nd. “This is not new news to us, you know,” she said. “So, it’s kind of funny. Everyone’s freaking out and we say, ‘Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while.'” After taking a look at Shailene’s engagement ring months later, we hope we won’t be late for news have to wait for their wedding!

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