Shake Palms With The Apatow Household!

We have some very special celebrity guests on the site today, and from all we’ve heard, they’re just as excited to meet you as you are! Use the sliders to shake hands with America’s favorite family, the Apatows!

First, it’s the guy who puts the “Apatow” in “Take me down to Apatown” … Judd Apatow! Go ahead and shake his hand!

We love your work, Judd! You rock!

Who’s next? This is Mrs. Apatow, aka Mr. Mann!

Very nice gloves, man!

And look! It is her beloved daughter Maude! Hello Maude!

Ah great! Looks like she doesn’t want to shake hands with you!

And you darling must be Iris!

I am looking forward to getting to know you, Iris!

Wait … Judd found a box! He needs your help to open it!


Uncle Rogen wants you high five! Do you want to hit him deeply?

Whoops! Looks like Uncle Rogen did you good with it!

Well, if not Miss Maude again! Maude says she wants to give you an autograph! Then go!

Well We assume the best you will get!

Do you have any questions for Judd while he’s here? He says he’s happy to tell you everything you want to know! Use the slider to ask him what you want.

There’s not a bad question – but that was definitely a great one!

Looks like he’s really thinking about it! Let’s find out what he has to say!

What an exciting look behind the scenes of his creative process!

We fear this is all the time we have to ask because the Apatows have to go to the bathroom now. Wave goodbye!


Did you have a good time meeting the Apatow family? Let her know in the comments below!

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