Shauni Kibby Age, Biography of UK Tik-Tok star Net Worth

If you are regular internet and social media user, you may have heard about Shauni Kibby. She is becoming very popular now days on social media. Let us look on the biography of the Shauni and try to reveal the reason why is she becoming popular?

Shauni Kibby is the 4th famous . She is having around 340k followers on social media. Her Instagram account is not official yet. Recently, she is spreading body positivity videos on social media. Her video is getting huge love reactions and comments. In her recent video, she is degenerating a plastic Pikachu doll to find a smaller one inside. This is a clever trick which she did. She loves to show her chubby body. She spread positivity without body shaming. Most of her videos are showing her body with different activity. Even her Instagram bio is also about the body. She has written “everyBODY is perfect”. Her bio is clearly highlighting about body. One of her video, she showed herself in struggling to put on the jeans. Rather than feeling shame, she was dancing and enjoying.

Shauni Kibby Age

She is a 21 years old young, active and energetic star. Still we are searching her exact birth date. Her birth place is Somerset, England, UK. We don’t know about her parents. She belongs to British nationality and Christianity religion. She started posted videos on when she left school. In 2016, get emerge with Tik-Tok. According to the sources, her net worth is around $1M U.S.

Kibby used to be a very shy and introverted person in her earlier life. Earlier, she had so much confidence issues but now she is totally a change personality. She is very active on Instagram. She keep update every little information like videos, photos and upcoming projects to her fans.

Shauni Kibby Tiktok

Kibby is dating Tik-Tok star Jake Sweet. He is having 9.1 million followers on social media.

Most of the teens are not confidents about their body. This may leads to many issues. Kibby’s Tik- Tok is a very positive platform for teens so that they may encourage and try to change themselves.

Shauni Kibby Net Worth

Shauni Kibby net worth is $500K-$700K. She got the immense famous and popularity on the Instagram with over 340K followers because of the contestant on the reality show. Shauni uploaded the videos and clips on the Tiktok videos. She has million of likes.

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