Siblings Set World File for the Highest Mixed Age, 1042 Years

The D’Cruz siblings, who are between 75 and 97 years old, recently set a new Guinness World Record for the highest combined age of 1042 years and 315 days.

The idea of ​​setting a Guinness record was first mentioned among the D’Cruz family members during a reunion in 2018. 75-year-old Genia, the youngest of the 12 siblings, remembers one of her nephews who said, “This is amazing. I will write Guinness ”after seeing the family together. They all laughed at it as a joke, but two years later, on December 15th, Guinness actually called to tell them they had the highest combined age of any sibling in the world, 1042 years and 315 days.

“It doesn’t seem real, I always think of Guinness records as the tallest or shortest person or something,” said Genia, who lives in London. “It was a surprise they even count that, but it’s exciting. I am grateful that all of these siblings are still alive. “

The D’Cruz family were all born in Karachi, Pakistan, but have spread to Canada, the United States, and Switzerland over the years. However, they try to stay as close as possible and meet at least three times a year on major holidays. However, 2020 was different due to the Covid-19 pandemic so they only used Zoom to keep in touch. Every day at 11 a.m. (London time), all 12 family members join the video conference to discuss their day.

“Since we started Zoom, we’ve come so much closer,” said 80-year-old Teresa.

The siblings’ father, Michael, died when Genia was only a year and a half, and survival has been her goal in life ever since. They did just that, but no one really believes they will be honored by Guinness Records for this.

“In 22 years there were 12 children in my family and my father died when I was one and a half years old. My mother had to take care of us all. I don’t know how she did it, but we did it, ”Genia told the London Free Press. “We were very poor, there was no life insurance in Pakistan.”

The names and dates of birth of the D’Cruz are: Doreen (September 3, 1923), Patrick (September 30, 1925), Genevieve (July 4, 1927), Joyce (March 2, 1929), Ronnie (August 24, 1930), Beryl (August 26, 1932), Joe (June 1, 1934), Francesca (September 17, 1936), Althea (July 27, 1938), Teresa (June 9, 1940), Rosemarie (March 30, 1943) and Eugenia ( October 24, 1945).

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