Sir Patrick Stewart Interviews Schitt’s Creek Forged | Video

Sir Patrick Stewart simply lived everyone Schitt’s Creek A superfan’s dream comes true. After revealing his “obsession” with the splediferous show in an interview with The gold derbyStewart hosted a virtual Q&A with the cast, including Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O’Hara – and it’s a star-studded Zoom call if we’ve ever seen one. Published on the website at the end of the interview Schitt’s Creek On the YouTube channel, Stewart asked each performer to share their favorite memories from the past six years, and happy tears flowed like Herb Ertlinger wine.

“I feel a little bit stuck,” Murphy said as she and O’Hara started to get tears in their eyes. “So many moments in these six years will stay with me forever, but I think our last day of shooting will be something that flashes before my eyes when I die. The scene where the kids say goodbye to Johnny and Moira, was the last scene Dan and I ever shot on the show, and it was a very big realization that I was saying goodbye to not only those characters that I was so fascinated with during my time on the show, but also to them I said goodbye to very good friends and just surrounded by this crew and a wonderful cast of characters I’ve loved so much over the years. ”

OK, like we haven’t already loved Schitt’s Creek enough – including the extra stupid and the incredibly cute moments – we might need a couple of tissues after hearing how much each of the cast loves the show. Check out the full video above to hear everyone’s favorites Schitt’s Creek Reminder and Stewart Geek to see about Dan Levy’s general awesomeness.

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