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Dubai porta potty exposed video on Instagram influencer viral video (@socialperix)

We have seen a lot of people sharing leaked videos around the world. As the world trends with such content, here comes another video that we have seen spreading around like a wild fire. This time it comes from Dubai. Right now it is trending all social media platforms. Follow our article till the very end to know more about the Porta Potty Dubai Video that became viral on Twitter. It is time to know every single inch of details of this leaked video.

Video of Instagram Influencer

As per the sources, an unnamed lady visited Dubai with her friends on weekend. Her main intention was to spend time with her friends like a vacation. But then she met some influence people in the city who were escorting her for money. After spending a weekend with these people, she then gave an interview explaining all the things that she went through. She even reported some assault against her. At the end of day, she was lavished by the lifestyle of these influenced people. As per her statement, there were 2 other girls that accompanied her. They were paid $40,000 for anything that they are asked to do. This trip was at St. Brat’s.

What is the full story?

These rich Arabs have a lavishing lifestyle. This makes up to the fact about what exactly they are expecting from the services. They made the Nigerian girl eat human excretes for their fun. This was what made the highlights all around social media. Video of the girl escorting herself to this rich lads is now on trending. People are still looking at the fact about what kind of life style is adapted at such tourism places. It’s about the money that is spent, and the services that they receive.

@socialperix on Twitter

The Porta Potty Dubai viral video is available on Twitter and Reddit. We are looking forward for more information relating to this leak video. Follow us for more information, and we shall now wait and see if any comments are passed. We are here to share every detail of content on trending topics around world.

There are number of Twitter profiles which shared the same video on the profile.

Social Prex is also Twitter account where the video was uploaded but later it was removed.

The truth will come out soon as there are many rumored stories are being shared by users.

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