Sophia Cheung Death Cause Video Instagram Profile

Vacations are for peace, enjoyment and mental peace. But for Sophia Cheung her vacation became the reason of her death.

Sophia Cheung was an Instagram influencer. She was a 32 years old lady well know for taking selfies at high positions. She was a risk- taking women. She took selfies at the edge of the cliff or at different heart taking sites. She was died on 12th of July.

Sophia died last weekend. According to different news source, Sophia was trying to take selfie in waterfalls on the Tsing Dai stream in Hong Kong. The waterfall was 16 feet from the cliff. This is not the first time that anyone dies in this way. Video of her death viral at the social media

Sophia Cheung Personal Life

Sophia birth place was Texas, United States. Sophia belongs to American Nationality. She was currently living in Hong-Kong. At present, we don’t have much information regarding her parents. Overall, we can conclude that she is a private person. Even she doesn’t have any picture of her parents and siblings on social media.

Was Sophia dating someone? Was she married? Many of you want to know about her love life. But unfortunately, we don’t have information related to her relationship also. Neither any reports tell us about her current or previous relationship neither her social media account. So, it may not be incorrect to say that she might be single.

Sophia was an active social media influencer with 40.6k followers. Instead of having so many followers, her instagram profile still not gets blue tick. She loved to do hiking, kayaking, outdoor activities and photography. She liked to explore different places especially the nature.

While scrolling her instagram id, we got to know that her account is just few months back. She has posted her first picture on February 2021. Her instagram id is with the name @hike.sofi. Her net worth was around $1 U.S

After death, she has receiving condolence from her fans and her close friends. Small mistake in such situation leads to horrible results. May her soul get peace.

we urge all the Instagram influencers to do not take risks of life for just making the content for the public and fans. This is not the first time when such incident is reported in the media. Before it many such accidents happened to video vloggers and influencers. One should respect the life gifted by the God. Stay safe.

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