Speaker Jacob Oulanyah Death, Wife, Family, alive or not

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah dies in Seattle

There is a piece of shocking news coming our way, it is heard that Jacob Oulanyah, the speaker of the Parliament has died all of a sudden. The first person to break this news to the media is none other than the respected President Museveni. After his announcement, every people in Uganda are shocked. The tweet from Mr. Museveni, the President of Uganda came around at 10:30 am confirming regarding the death of Oulanyah, the very famous speaker of the parliament.

Jacob Oulanyah Death news

Even in his announcement, the President Mr. Museveni expressed a lot of sadness. According to the reports the doctors were taking intensive care of him in ICU while he breathed his last. He was one of the best cadres for the whole country. According to the President, this news was delayed so that the children of the deceased speaker get this death information regarding their father first.

Is Jacob Oulanyah dead or not?

Speaker, Mr. Oulanyah was last seen in the Ugandan parliament in December 2021, and by that time he had attended a few major sessions and had passed many important bills. One such bill that he had passed which was very important was the National Social Security Fund bill, otherwise known as the NSSF bill. He was elected as the speaker of this Ugandan parliament back in May 2021. So, in this short tenure of him, which was cut short by illness and death, he had already passed many important bills.

He was flown out of the country to help him with the medical process. He was flown out to Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. His journey to the United States of America was opposed by many Ugandans as they felt it was not justifying the taxpayer’s money being spent on this kind of stuff. With his death, the debate has been stopped forever.

President Museveni expressed sadness in his announcement of the death, which was reported by doctors taking care intensiviely to keep him alive. He said that this news had been delayed so as not be premature with information concerning children who may now lose their father ahead dCanada’s House Leader early due to illness related causes.

The president of Uganda has confirmed the death of Oulanyah, a respected parliamentarian and speaker. This tweet came at 10:30 am from Mr Museveni’s account which was met with shock across all social media platforms in East Africa as well as those who follow politics closely here locally.

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