Squid Game is in the race of Emmy Awards. Will it win or lose?

Squid game within a short time span of almost 22 days grabs the hearts of the viewers. Yes, here we are writing about the Korean Survival drama Squid games. It was released on 17th of September and grabs the attention of millions of viewers. The highlighted news of the Squid Games is that it is now in the list of Primetime Emmy awards nominations. This very news is confirmed by the Television Academy. They stated the Korean drama was produced under the guidance of Netflix, which is American based company so the drama is very much eligible for the awards. Not only in Primetime Emmy, it can the Squid game also be eligible for nomination ion International Emmys.

But according to the rules, a show must have to prevent Emmys double dipping. So Squid game has to choose between the two as both The Los Angeles based TV academy and New York based International Academy of Television arts and Sciences have the former rules.

The story of Squid game revolves around the 456 players, come from different parts of life. The common thing between the players that each of them is in debt. They play a sets of children’s games with a chance of win cash prize of approximately US$ 38 million.

The producer Hwang Dong Hyuk, strike this creative idea inspiring through his own economic struggles during his early life. But Hwang did not find the production to support his script until 2019. In 2019, Netflix show interest in his writings. Netflix want to accelerate their foreign programs. All the nine episodes of the Squid game is written by him only.

Despite being attracted by millions of fans and the cast brilliant performance, the completion is little bit tough. Now everyone has eye on the Primetime Emmy awards, that who is the one, breaking all the records and leaving all behinds. The exact date of awards is not known yet. But soon it will be updated. Till then stay tuned to us for more entertaining news.

The cast of the show Hoyeon Jung’s popularity and fans following skyrocketed on the social media. She is one most viral interset star and sensation this week. The brand value also boosted after the reality show.

The show won the attention and appreciation from millions of viewers from around the world. The show is on the way to make it nominations and entry into the Emmys awards. Will it win or lose?

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