Stephane Bancel, Moderna Ceo Twitter deleted and stock falls

In this pandemic era, COVID-19 is everywhere and everyone is afraid of going out and spending some quality time within themselves. To overcome this fear, with a concept of testing and vaccine COVID-19 results can be evaluated which can be done anywhere with instant results. Moderna played an important role during this pandemic. Moderna is an American company which is ahead in the race of vaccine and booster dose. The company claimed to export the doses to the different parts of the world. But the latest surprising news is that company’s CEO twitter account has been deleted? Stephane Bancel is the CEO of Moderna and why his account is deleted? Also rumors are spreading like fire that he sold all of his Moderna stocks. What is the truth? Let’s check in this post.

Why Stephane Bancel twitter deleted?

This is the latest breaking news that Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel twitter account is deleted. According to reports, he deleted his own account. The reasons are not cleared yet. But this affected the Moderna’s market stock price. The share price falls after the incident. The investors are confused and worried after seeing the downfall of the share price. We heard no official statement from the company’s board in this regard.

The company’s headquarter is located in Massachusetts, United States.

The news is confirmed and verified that Stephane Bancel deleted his own official account on Twitter for some reasons. But there are also rumors circulated that he sold all of his stocks of company. This is not true as did not yet sold any stock of Moderna company.

Modern Stock falls

We can see a dip in the stocks share price of the Moderna. It is because of the company’s CEO deleted its account on the Twitter platform. This actions confused the buyers and investors worldwide. What could be the reason behind deleted the official Twitter account. It has been also reported that the CEO sold the stocks of the company which resulted in the low price of share.

The price gone down may be because of the rumors and news spread among the investors.

Stephane Bancel Net Worth

Stephane Bancel joined as the CEO of the company in 2011. His current net worth stands at over $4.5 billion mark. He holds assets in the company in the form of stocks equity.

According to a report, $400 million dumped after the news. The share price may bounce back after an official statement from Stephane Bancel.

There is also a news in the media that Stephane Bancel is leaving the Moderna company. Well, this is not true as he had not yet confirmed anything officially.

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