Streamer’s Pokimane hate raids resulted in a permanent ban for JiDion

JiDion released a ‘hate raid’ against Pokimane’s Seamlessly switch on January 12. His access to the launchpad was revoked for fourteen days after that. This began within 24 hours of his profile being validated. For the moment, he approves the provider’s complete accountability for multiple violations. Nevertheless, he insisted that it has little to do with her sexual identity. It’s not her sexuality that makes me hate her, but her as an individual.”

JiDion disclosed that Twitch has already banned the channel completely in a very fascinating sequence of events. According to him, the recent ban is legitimate. But even so, he argues that permabans aren’t reasonable, and he explains why.

He explained that he was not out to discuss why he was outlawed, though he deserved it. I violated the support conditions. That’s all there is to it. It’s a request that Twitch should start making things more equitable.”

According to JiDion, the preliminary suspension lasted only fourteen days. Twitch chose to maintain it as a result of public pressure believing it would not be drastic enough. He does not believe this is acceptable.

Twitch could keep my 2-week disqualification, particularly since it’s my first offense. The only thing I should do is not let external influences influence what I do.” What I did was wrong. And how am I expected to improve the next time if I don’t have a chance?

JiDion believes that other streaming services rallied around Pokimane after the incident and that their influence influenced the outcome.

The scenario has not yet been responded to by Twitch. JiDion, on the other hand, said he would “do better in the future” if given a second chance.

On January 12 Pokimane’s Twitch live feed was temporarily taken down after a series of “hate raids” made possible by Jidion, some other increasing production, managed to infiltrate her channel. She was defended by other streaming services, including xQc.

Despite her sexual identity, Jidion says he disliked her a lot. Alternatively, Rae claims the motivation was clout and viewing figures. Poki tries to drag her into controversy, for this reason, she believes as well.

Pokimane and JiDion both the popular internet personalities in USA who made their name and fame for their amazing videos and content. This is not the first time when Pokimane is involved in such type of controversy. She is a popular female streamer and gamer with millions of followers on Twitch and Youtube.

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