Suicide Bombing in Crowded Baghdad Market Kills at Least 15

BAGDAD – Two suicide bombers detonated explosive vests on Thursday morning in a crowded market in central Baghdad, killing at least 15 people in the first such attack in several years, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

“The first suicide bomber blew himself up after pretending to be sick to gather people,” said Maj. General Khalid al Muhanna, a ministry spokesman. He said the bomber fell to the ground and then detonated the vest after people rushed to help him. Minutes later, the second bomber detonated its explosives nearby.

The Home Office said at least 15 dead and at least 28 wounded had been confirmed.

General Muhanna said authorities suspected the attackers were linked to the Islamic State terrorist group or an offshoot of it, although neither group immediately took responsibility.

The Iraqi and US governments have declared ISIS in Iraq largely defeated. The United States is withdrawing most of its troops from the country, saying that Iraq is now able to fight ISIS on its own.

Falih Hassan contributed to the coverage.

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