SwaggerSouls rumored to reveal face on Twitch/YouTube live

SwaggerSouls seems to be a content creator as well as a YouTube gaming player from the United States. He is well recognized for his mediaeval war helmet-wearing image and the YouTube account, wherein he primarily publishes games, real – time plays, and regular news. He’s made a name for himself after the YouTube gaming world by playing with random people the majority of the time.

Personal Bio

Eric Vivian Matthews is his real name. swaggersouls was born in Idaho in The United States, on February 24, in the year 1988. As he was born in The USA he is an American citizen. As a result, he tends to celebrate his b’day on February 24. Idaho is where Swaggersouls was born. Swaggers hobbies include reading, photography, learning, travelling and internet surfing.

SwaggerSouls on YouTube

SwaggerSouls, who used to live in Idaho, started his Youtube page on May 2015 and started uploading videos one year thereafter. He has now 4 million users and hundreds of thousands of views on his Youtube page ever since. “Casual Shoutcasting! | CSGO,” Swagger’s debut/first video, was released on April 18, 2016. He now works with a variety of folks outside of the Misfits, including CallMeCarson. He uploads videos every week on average, but each one receives hundreds or even thousands of viewers. On certain social media sites, he is just as famous. He has around 1.2 million Twitter followers and much more than 350 thousand Instagram followers. He’s additionally frequent on Twitch, where he’s amassed almost 200 hundred thousand people to date. SwaggerSouls have never shown his face, claiming that he “always wears a knight helmet for my personal safety.”

His helmet has 1000 diamonds set on that and is supposed to have already been traced back through 2000 generations. He launched his 1,000,000 subscriber surprise, which includes a facial revelation, on July 7, 2018. He said that in the video, “One of the faces depicted is mine, or is it?” and “The moment has come for me to take off my helmet, but some things are simply better off not knowing.” There have been some images of him available online sans the helmet, yet wearing an Assassin’s Creed chainmail hood. He began his career in Idaho and eventually moved to Melbourne, Australia.

What is his net worth?

SwaggerSouls is believed to have a net wealth of about $1.5 million since around 2021. Alongside his fandom, he reveals all of his gaming experiences. These videos gets an average of over 240,000 views per day from a wide range of sources. SwaggerSouls gets roughly 1,200 $ every day, which equates to around $440,000 in advertising dollars through your videos, according to this total views.

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