Swedish rapper Einar Dead: Kidnapped and beaten to death

People are committing crimes one after the other without any concern of what the consequences they should face. One such incident happened on Thursday night, when Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg went out, he is well known by his stage name Einar. Einár was a Swedish rapper and was only 19 years old. He was a young artist and rapper who was kidnapped. His death news has been confirmed by police and family.

As per the Aftonbladet’s sources, the reason of demise of the rapper is ‘shot to death’. The sources confirmed that there are more than one accused people and no arrests have been made yet. The people nearby witnessed the scene. According to people, there were two people wearing black or dark clothes who came up and opened fire. The rapper was shot to death. Police authority and officials nearby took over the scene immediately and tried giving CPR to the rapper, but looks like they were too late for it.

As per the spokesperson with the region of Stockholm police department, there were several gun shots heard by the witnesses. Ola Österling said, “A man was hit by several gun shots and died on the scene as police performed CPR alongside emergency medical personell”. It was later recognized that the person who was shot is none other than Swedish rapper Einár. He even added that they are looking up for more than one suspect in run. Swedish police department confirmed the same warrant against the accused. Till now, no suspect has been taken under custody. But the authority seems to work their way without having a break to search for the shooters.

Einár, took over people’s attention in 2019 when he was 16 years old. His song ‘Katten i trakten’ crossed all the charts in Spotify (Swedish language) trending list. In the past two years, the rapper has been trying hard to put up his position and fame without any concern. The hard work of the Swedish rapper showed through after he was announced as the most streamed artist in Sweden the same year (2019). The police have some doubt on the CCTV surveillance of the area and suspect to get some clues through it.

He died beause he was shot multiple times. The news is heartbreaking because 19-years old rapper died in volence. Police investigating the crime scene and taking all the measures to arrest the killers. Locals and fans are crying on Einar’s death.

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