Sylvia Chan NOC Video leak: Staff breaks silence on twitter

The controversy of the the Sylvia Chan is in the news for misbehaving with staff and former employees. Who is Sylvia Chan? She is the co-founder of the Night Owl Cinematics. It is platform and service which is used in Singapore country for quickly delivering the entertainment and digital services to the users. It is an award winning hub which got millions of views and users on it. Sylvia Chan is also a YouTuber and top personality in Singapore who won awards for the best videos on Youtube platform. She started NOC almost nine years ago.

Her recent one video is into the trends in the fans. What is in the video? Why her fans are questioning on the video?

Sylvia Chan Leaked Video

There are clips of the chats or conversation leaked on some website. The members allegedly had audios, as well as recordings during internal company meetings that addressed discrepancies and welfare issues. This can highly damage the reputation of company.

Some of the accusations on Chan are:-

Chan is accused of taking advantage and not being proper with financial matters involving Tan, as well as her own brother. It was also said that she used NOC’s resources for a food venture without knowledge from some in the company while others have seen it different perspectives noting how talented this woman really should be utilizing all these talents at once!

What is the whole matter?

On October 19, 2021, former employees and few current employees from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) accused Sylvia Chan, the co-founder of the company with relevant receipts and documents. They accused her mistreating subordinates. The report came through one video interview sharing website calling out the behavior as well as other media platforms wading into this story because they felt it was important enough not just for them but all parties involved in some way shape or form. It is also including consumers watching videos on company and want to get the latest updates through platform.

Sylvia Chan on Twitter

Sylvia Chan is a famous social media influencer. Her Instagram has 229K followers. She was awarded with Best YouTube Channel (Singapore) in Southeast Asia.

She replied to all these allegations on her official profile. This is the time to break silence because now the situation is heating up on social media among users. The CEO of the company will soon release an official statement in this matter.

Sylvia appears to be in the big trouble as she gets no fans support. She is being criticized for her behavior in the leaked clip.

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