Day 1 of the Finish of the U.S. Warfare in Afghanistan

Day 1 of the End of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – On the morning of May 1, an Afghan transport plane landed on this sprawling military base in the south of the country. It was loaded with mortar shells, small arms cartridges and 250-pound bombs to supply Afghan troops, who were frequently attacked by the Taliban in the countryside. Later, at midnight, … Read more

U.S. begins Afghanistan withdrawal, deploys navy belongings to guard troops

U.S. Marines board a U.S. Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Cpl. Alejandro Pena | U.S. Marine Corps Photo WASHINGTON – The White House confirmed Thursday that the U.S. military has begun its withdrawal from Afghanistan and has been proactively deploying additional troops and military equipment to protect the armed forces in the … Read more

Biden’s Plan to Finish Afghanistan Battle Offers Some Detainees Hope for Launch

Biden’s Plan to End Afghanistan War Gives Some Detainees Hope for Release

However, this left unanswered the question of what it would mean if Afghanistan were no longer an active zone of armed conflict, even if the fighting raged thousands of kilometers away elsewhere. Mr Haroon’s case could be stronger because he is an Afghan citizen, unlike other detainees who the government says went to Afghanistan to … Read more

U.S. and Allies Plan Battle From Afar Towards Al Qaeda As soon as Troops Exit Afghanistan

U.S. and Allies Plan Fight From Afar Against Al Qaeda Once Troops Exit Afghanistan

Daunting challenges face the American-backed Afghan security forces. Over the past year, they have lost territory from repeated assaults by the Taliban and have relied on U.S. air power to push back the insurgents. With the Afghan government’s credibility waning, militias — once the main power holders during the days of the Afghan civil war … Read more

The Taliban Suppose They Have Gained in Afghanistan, Peace Deal or Not

The Taliban Think They Have Won in Afghanistan, Peace Deal or Not

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Taliban’s bragging rights are unmistakable. From the recent bellicose speech by their deputy leader with “conquests” to mocking references to the “foreign masters” of the “illegitimate” government in Kabul to the Taliban’s own website where “puppets” were killed – Afghan soldiers – that’s them Promoting a Bold Message: We have already … Read more