Apple augmented actuality bulletins at WWDC 2021

Apple augmented reality announcements at WWDC 2021

Apple released several new augmented reality tools and technologies for software manufacturers during its annual WWDC conference this week. These technologies could be vital if Apple actually launches an augmented reality headset or glasses in the years to come. Apple has never confirmed plans to release augmented reality hardware, but it may reportedly announce a … Read more

Snap declares augmented actuality Spectacles glasses

Snap announces augmented reality Spectacles glasses

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announces new Spectacles AR glasses that allow you to overlay digital objects in the real world. Source: SNAP Inc. Snap announced a new version of its Spectacles smart glasses on Thursday. They use augmented reality, which means you can look through them and see digital objects in the real world. Snap … Read more

Google Maps launches augmented actuality instructions for indoor areas

Google Maps launches augmented reality directions for indoor spaces

Google Maps Live View AR indoors Google Google announced several new features for the Google Maps app on Tuesday. The coolest one helps you find your way around indoor spaces like airports, shopping malls and train stations with the help of augmented reality. The updated Live View AR feature, which superimposes digital guides over the … Read more