‘Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet’ Assessment: A Dire Warning

“Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet” is a documentary about the end of the world. It focuses on nine planetary thresholds, outlined by the Swedish scientist and environmental science professor Johan Rockstrom, which, if exceeded, will make life on earth no longer sustainable. Told by Sir David Attenborough, the eternal voice of the British … Read more

This Man Makes a Dwelling by Breaking Up Married Males from Their Mistresses

This Man Makes a Living by Breaking Up Married Men from Their Mistresses

A 31-year-old “emotional counselor” specializes in separating married Chinese men from their loved ones and ensuring that they return to their wives, who are also his clients. Xiao Sheng has been in the business of separating married men from their loved ones for six years and has come a long way since starting his one-of-a-kind … Read more

Can Clubhouse Transfer Quick With out Breaking Issues?

Can Clubhouse Move Fast Without Breaking Things?

From the start, there were signs that Clubhouse was speeding up the platform’s lifecycle. Weeks into its launch, there were allegations that harassment and hate speech could increase, including large rooms where speakers allegedly made anti-Semitic comments. The startup made efforts to update its community guidelines to add basic blocking and reporting features, and its … Read more