Flying Automobile Makers Need to Construct ‘Uber Meets Tesla within the Air’

Flying Car Makers Want to Build ‘Uber Meets Tesla in the Air’

It was sleek, cone-shaped, a little confusing — like something Hollywood would give a sci-fi villain for a quick getaway. It wasn’t a helicopter. And it wasn’t an airplane. It was a cross between the two, with a curved hull, two small wings, and eight spinning rotors lined up across its nose and tail. At … Read more

Google cleared to construct multi-billion greenback megacampus in San Jose

Google cleared to build multi-billion dollar megacampus in San Jose

On Tuesday evening, San Jose city officials officially approved a plan for Google to build a huge campus in the heart of California’s third largest city. For its Downtown West project, Google will develop 80 acres of land in downtown San Jose, including 7.3 million square feet of office space for 20,000 workers and thousands … Read more