Combat With Dad and mom Conjures up Teen to Dig Underground Collapse His Yard

Fight With Parents Inspires Teen to Dig Underground Cave in His Backyard

A Spanish teenager who started digging a hole in his back yard six years ago after an argument with his parents is now the proud owner of an underground cave in his own back yard. Andres Canto was 14 years old when he first walked into his backyard in Alicante, Spain with a pickaxe after … Read more

Excessive Experiment Confines 15 Folks to Secluded Cave for 40 Days

Extreme Experiment Confines 15 People to Secluded Cave for 40 Days

To collect data on the effects of long-term isolation with no timing on the human brain, 15 volunteers will spend 40 days in a cave in Ariège in southern France. In what is known as a “world first”, eight men and seven women spend 40 days in isolation in a large cave, with no telephones, … Read more

This Tight Cave Entrance Is Claustrophobia Hell

This Tight Cave Entrance Is Claustrophobia Hell

Deep Cave in Edwards County, Texas has more than one entrance, but daredevils prefer to use one so narrow that just looking at it makes claustrophobics extremely uncomfortable. Videos of cave explorers literally squeezing their way through this incredibly tight hole in the ground in Deep Cave have been circulating online for years, but honestly … Read more