Why the CDC Modified Its Recommendation on Masks

Why the CDC Changed Its Advice on Masks

The advice from federal health officials that fully vaccinated people could drop their masks in most situations took Americans, from state officials to scientific experts, by surprise. Even the White House was notified less than a day in advance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, press secretary Jen Psaki said at a news … Read more

The Pandemic Has Modified Their Bathe Habits. How About Yours?

The Pandemic Has Changed Their Shower Habits. How About Yours?

Robin Harper, an administrative assistant at a Martha’s Vineyard preschool, grew up taking a shower every day. “It’s what you did,” she said. But when the coronavirus pandemic kept her indoors and out of the public eye, she started showering once a week. The new practice felt environmentally virtuous, practical, and liberating. And it stayed. … Read more

It is OK Our Our bodies Have Modified Through the Pandemic

It's OK Our Bodies Have Changed During the Pandemic

If your own mind is spitting out negative thoughts on its own, try practicing “thought-stopping,” a technique often used in cognitive behavioral therapy, said Dr. Cox. When a negative thought about your body penetrates your brain, say “stop”. Then, mindfully replace that thought with a positive one. For example: when you stand in front of … Read more

McDonald’s Has Introduced It Has Modified Ronald McDonald’s Title To ‘INTENSITY’

McDonald’s Has Announced It Has Changed Ronald McDonald's Name To ‘INTENSITY’

To stay competitive, companies are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves fresh and adapt to the times, and it looks like the biggest name in fast food is doing just that by updating one of the most recognizable entities of its brand identity: McDonald’s just announced that Ronald McDonald’s name has been officially changed … Read more

Weddings in ‘Animal Crossing,’ or How the Pandemic Modified the Web

Weddings in 'Animal Crossing,' or How the Pandemic Changed the Internet

It can be said that the pandemic has put us into a long hibernation. Life didn’t seem to flow normally anymore, and people probably stayed inside more than they wanted. However, people are creative and their imaginations definitely shone during the pandemic. Did you have to postpone the wedding? Don’t worry: you can take it … Read more

Framing Britney Spears Modified How I Consider Celebrities

Britney Spears will perform on November 4th, 2000 in Gelredome, Arnhem, The Netherlands.  (Photo by Rob Verhorst / Redferns)

Framing Britney Spears has made it perfectly clear how the media turned Britney Spears’ every step into a narrative that benefited her margins – by sexualizing her at a young age, exploiting her romantic relationships, and turning her 2007 breakdown into a lucrative act. When I saw it, I immediately felt guilty. Personally, I’ve spent … Read more