4chan founder Chris Poole (“Moot”) has left Google

Hutton Supancic | Getty Images Chris Poole, who founded the controversial online community 4chan before joining Google in 2016, left the search giant after jumping between multiple groups within the company, CNBC learned. Poole’s last official day on Google was April 13th. This comes from an internal repository, viewed by CNBC, which described his most … Read more

Lizzo Slid Into Chris Evans’s DMs on Instagram | Video

Lizzo Slid Into Chris Evans's DMs on Instagram | Video

Lizzo shoots her shot with Chris Evans. On April 17, the Grammy-winning singer shared a TikTok video that gave Captain America a glimpse of her Instagram messages herself. “Don’t drink and DM, kids,” she captioned the clip. As far as we know, Chris and Lizzo are both single. Maybe this is the beginning of something … Read more