In Peru Election, Left and Proper Conflict, With an Financial Mannequin at Stake

LIMA, Peru – On paper, the candidates for the presidential election in Peru on Sunday were a left-wing former schoolteacher with no government experience and the right-hand daughter of an imprisoned ex-president who ruled the country with an iron fist. However, voters in Peru faced an even more elemental choice: whether to stick to the … Read more

Protesters and Police Conflict in Paraguay Amid Anger Over Pandemic Response

Protesters and Police Clash in Paraguay Amid Anger Over Pandemic Response

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay – Protesters clashed with police in the Paraguayan capital, Asunción, late Friday as anger over the government’s management of the coronavirus crisis surfaced, forcing the country’s top health official to resign. Security forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas at hundreds of protesters gathered around the convention building, while protesters broke down security … Read more