Australia finds new markets for coal, barley amid China commerce battle

Australia finds new markets for coal, barley amid China trade fight

A paddle wheel reclaimer stands next to a pile of coal in the Newcastle Coal Port in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia on October 12, 2020. David Gray | Bloomberg | Getty Images China’s restrictions on Australian exports aren’t as damaging as initially thought as Australia found new markets for its goods, analysts say. Tensions … Read more

Dispute Over a Coal Trade Pits Poland Towards Its Neighbors

Dispute Over a Coal Industry Pits Poland Against Its Neighbors

However, this won’t solve a major problem. A sudden withdrawal from coal, feared by many in Poland, will put the country in the position of Germany, which is heavily dependent on natural gas imports from Russia. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said this month that the government will not allow the Bogatynia mine to close … Read more

Jill Corey, 85, Coal Miner’s Daughter Turned Singing Sensation, Dies

Norma Jean Speranza was born on September 30, 1935, the youngest of five children. Her father, Bernard Speranza, worked in a coal mine in Kiski Township, Pennsylvania; When Norma became Jean Jill, she bought it for him and renamed it Corey Mine. Her mother, Clara (Grant) Speranza, died when she was 4 years old. Her … Read more

China may save $1.6 trillion by shifting away from coal: Report

China could benefit economically if it can successfully replace coal with renewables, according to a report by financial analyst TransitionZero. The study examined the cost or savings the Chinese government would incur if it replaced its existing coal-fired power plants with carbon-free alternatives. “We found it could save China $ 1.6 trillion,” said Matthew Gray, … Read more