What Information About You Can the Authorities Get From Massive Tech?

What Data About You Can the Government Get From Big Tech?

Law enforcement agencies can use arrest warrants in other ways as well. The police issued Google arrest warrants for all devices that were near the crime scene. The companies say they sometimes work with law enforcement agencies to narrow down their inquiries so that the companies only share information that is relevant to a case. … Read more

Justice Dept. Watchdog to Examine Seizure of Democrats’ Information

Justice Dept. Watchdog to Investigate Seizure of Democrats’ Data

The Times also reported that prosecutors struggled to gather information that would tie members of the Intelligence Committee or their staff to the leaks, but Mr Barr declined to close the investigation after being sworn in in 2019. The case ended up being closed without charge. A person close to Mr. Sessions said he was … Read more

European markets shut decrease after inflation knowledge; Deutsche Financial institution slips 1.3%

Europe’s major indices closed in the red on Monday as investors digested inflation data from some of the region’s largest economies on a quiet day amid UK and US bank holidays The German DAX temporarily ended the day with a minus of 0.7% and thus fell from an all-time high last week. France’s CAC was … Read more

Inventory strikes, currencies, China inflation information

Stock moves, currencies, China inflation data

Reflections from pedestrians on an electronic stock indicator on the window of an investment firm in Tokyo, Japan. Toshifumi Kitamura | AFP | Getty Images SINGAPORE – Asia Pacific stocks fell early Tuesday after a tech sell-off that weighed on major US indices overnight. The Japanese Nikkei 225 was down 0.97% while the Topix was … Read more

From the Wastewater Drain, Strong Pandemic Knowledge

From the Wastewater Drain, Solid Pandemic Data

Although Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease, research early in the pandemic found that people infected with the coronavirus frequently toss it in their stools. This finding, coupled with the magnitude and urgency of the crisis, immediately sparked interest in tracking the virus through wastewater sampling. By finding and then counting specific coronavirus genes in … Read more

In Covid-19 Vaccine Information, LGBTQ Individuals Concern Invisibility

In Covid-19 Vaccine Data, LGBTQ People Fear Invisibility

Even if some people are reluctant to reveal such data, research shows that clinicians overestimate how many patients would refuse to self-report. A 2017 study found that around 80 percent of doctors felt that patients would be reluctant to provide this data, but only 10 percent of patients said they would refuse to do so. … Read more

Moderna says early information reveals Covid vaccine is 96% efficient in teenagers

A nurse draws a vaccine for Moderna Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on March 5, 2021 at the East Valley Community Health Center in La Puente, California. Lucy Nicholson | Reuters Moderna said Thursday its Covid-19 vaccine is 96% effective in children ages 12-17. This is evident from early data released with the company’s first quarter results. … Read more

Every day U.S. information on Could 4

Daily U.S. data on May 4

Olivier Tchimou, a student pharmacist, gives the vaccine to a student in Riggleman Hall. The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department was running a vaccination campaign on the University of Charleston campus. 1,800 doses of the Johnson & Johnson Janssen Covid-19 vaccine should be given to anyone aged 16 and over. Stephen Zenner | LightRocket | Getty Images … Read more

Newer Planes Are Offering Airways a Trove of Helpful Information

This article is part of our new series of Currents, which examines how rapid advances in technology are changing our lives. With fewer flights and even fewer passengers, the coronavirus pandemic created a number of challenges for airlines. Some have gone out of business, others barely survive as global passenger traffic is around 50 percent … Read more