Police Arrest Total Quick Meals Restaurant Workers After Being Denied Free Burgers

A group of Pakistani police officers face suspension after allegedly arresting 19 employees at a fast food restaurant in Lahore for refusing to give them free burgers. According to local reports, employees at a Johnny & Jugnu fast food restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan were arrested around 8 p.m. on Saturday and taken into custody overnight … Read more

‘Lodge Rwanda’ Dissident Denied Meals and Drugs in Jail, Household Says

NAIROBI, Kenya – Paul Rusesabagina, the prominent dissident who was portrayed in the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda, is denied food and medicine in a prison in Rwanda where his family claims he is being held for terrorism, lawyers and Foundation, the 66-year-old also complained about poor health. Mr. Rusesabagina told his family members that the … Read more

Covid Sufferer Allegedly Denied Depart, Goes to Work With Oxygen Assist

Covid Sufferer Allegedly Denied Leave, Goes to Work With Oxygen Support

A bank teller in India recovering from the coronavirus disease that ravaged his country was reportedly denied vacation and had to come to work while plugged into an oxygen tank. Arvind Kumar works as a manager at a Bokaro branch of the Punjab National Bank in Jharkhand state and recently showed up at his workplace … Read more