This fifth Grader Whose Mother and father Simply Acquired Divorced Is Completely Crushing The Poetry Unit

This 5th Grader Whose Parents Just Got Divorced Is Absolutely Crushing The Poetry Unit

There are few life events that are more painful for a child than the separation of mom and dad, but luckily, such a tragic event can sometimes have a good side: this fifth grader, whose parents were just divorcing, is destroying the poetry unit. Hell yes! It might be a bad situation, but it has … Read more

00 A.M. For Newly Divorced Girls Who Want The Therapeutic Energy Of Crafts

00 A.M. For Newly Divorced Women Who Need The Healing Power Of Crafts

There’s nothing more uplifting than watching a brand rise and take care of the needs of their most loyal customers. This story about a new program from one of the biggest names in the handicrafts will surely make you smile: JOANN Fabrics is now there are special opening times from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. … Read more