Japan’s Mesmerizing Tree Circles Are the Results of a 50-12 months Experiment

A cedar forest in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, is home to a few unusual crop-circle-like patterns that are clearly not accidental. Photos of the bizarre patterns, only visible from above, made their way on the internet about three years ago, fueling all sorts of conspiracy theories, ranging from aliens to secret government experiments. Well, this second … Read more

Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: A Comedy Particular and an Impressed Experiment

Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: A Comedy Special and an Inspired Experiment

The incentives of the internet that reward outrage, excess, and sentimentality are the villains of this show. In a dizzying homage to “Cabaret,” Burnham plays the MC of the internet in sunglasses, greeting everyone with a decadent selection of options as the disco lights swirl. It is a lyrically dense song with camera work that … Read more

Excessive Experiment Confines 15 Folks to Secluded Cave for 40 Days

Extreme Experiment Confines 15 People to Secluded Cave for 40 Days

To collect data on the effects of long-term isolation with no timing on the human brain, 15 volunteers will spend 40 days in a cave in Ariège in southern France. In what is known as a “world first”, eight men and seven women spend 40 days in isolation in a large cave, with no telephones, … Read more