Chinese language Celebrity Sues Doppelganger for Utilizing Her Appears for Monetary Beneficial properties

Fan Bingbing, a popular actress, model, singer, and China’s highest-paid celebrity for the past four years, is suing one of her doppelgangers for relying on her looks to sell products on online streams. In many cases, looking like a popular celebrity can be seen as a blessing, but in the case of a doppelganger from … Read more

41-Yr-Previous Jobless Man Sues His Dad and mom for Lifelong Monetary Assist

41-Year-Old Jobless Man Sues His Parents for Lifelong Financial Support

In a unique case in the UK, a 41 year old unemployed Oxford graduate took his parents to court trying to get them to fund him for a lifetime. Faiz Siddiqui, 41, is a trained lawyer and holds a degree from the prestigious Oxford University. He claims he is completely dependent on his Dubai mother … Read more