Bizarre issues occur in Florida Zoom courtroom. A Miami listing

Syringes in the buttocks. Twerking and striptease. A man who shaves his eyebrows. Strange things happened at the Florida trial. And of course, Miami doesn’t disappoint. Miami Herald reporter David Ovalle uses his Twitter to follow the unusual sights in Miami’s virtual courtrooms. Now with the Miami-Dade Courthouse reopening on June 28, Zoom court hearings … Read more

This Florida Pub Is Embellished With Practically Two Million {Dollars} in Money

McGuire’s Irish Pub is a popular restaurant and local landmark in Pensacola, Florida, famous for having an estimated two million dollars in cash hanging from the ceiling. The history of the unique decoration of McGuire’s Irish Pub can be traced back to 1977 when Martin McGuire and his wife Molly opened the shop. He tended … Read more

Cruise Line Threatens to Skip Florida Ports Over Proof-of-Vaccination Ban

Cruise Line Threatens to Skip Florida Ports Over Proof-of-Vaccination Ban

Norwegian Cruise Line threatens to keep its ships out of Florida ports after the state enacted laws prohibiting companies from requesting proof of Covid-19 vaccination in exchange for services. The company, which plans to launch its first cruises to the Caribbean and Europe in the summer and fall, offers limited capacity trips and requires all … Read more

Florida Personal Faculty Bars Vaccinated Academics From Scholar Contact

Florida Private School Bars Vaccinated Teachers From Student Contact

A private school in Miami’s fashionable design district sent a letter to its faculty and staff last week about being vaccinated against Covid-19. In contrast to institutions that have promoted and even facilitated the vaccination of teachers, the school, Centner Academy, did the opposite: One of its co-founders, Leila Centner, informed the staff “with a … Read more

Florida Household Accused of Promoting Harmful Bleach as Covid-19 Remedy

A Florida man and his three sons were charged with allegedly selling a dangerous chemical mixture called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a cure for Covid-19 and dozens of other serious diseases. Mark Grenon, 62, and his three adult sons Jonathan, Jordan and Joseph are charged with marketing and selling tens of thousands of bottles … Read more

Twitter Hacker Pleads Responsible in Florida Court docket

Twitter Hacker Pleads Guilty in Florida Court

The hackers, led by Mr Clark according to prosecutors, first used their access to Twitter’s internal systems to take over accounts with unusual usernames like @dark and @vague, which they sold to OGUsers for thousands of dollars. But as the day of the attack passed, the hackers changed their tactics. Celebrity accounts and cryptocurrency companies … Read more