German Catholic Monks Defy Rome to Supply Blessings to Homosexual {Couples}

German Catholic Priests Defy Rome to Offer Blessings to Gay Couples

During the ceremony, Father Mönkebüscher walked around the nave and approached couples who were sitting in pairs, socially distant and masked. They rose when he put a hand on their shoulders and offered a blessing as they bowed their heads. After receiving their blessings, a lesbian couple dropped their masks, kissed, and wiped their tears … Read more

His Ancestors Had been German Kings. He Desires Their Treasures Again.

His Ancestors Were German Kings. He Wants Their Treasures Back.

“It’s not just about family history, it’s German history,” he added. Prince of Prussia’s great-great-grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm II. Was the last Emperor in Germany and by far the richest man in the country before the First World War. After Wilhelm abdicated in 1918, he retained considerable wealth: at least 60 railway wagons were transported furniture, … Read more

Wilhelmstein Island – A Lovely Retreat within the Center of a German Lake

Wilhelmstein Island - A Beautiful Retreat in the Middle of a German Lake

Wilhelmstein Island, an artificial island on Lake Steinhude in the Hanover region of northwest Germany, seems like the perfect place to isolate yourself during a pandemic. The history of the island Wilhelmstein began in 1761 when Count Wilhelm von Schaumburg-Lippe, ruler of the county of Schaumburg-Lippe-Bückeburg and important military commander in the Seven Years War, … Read more

German “Mr. McDonald’s” Might Be the Quick Meals Chain’s Largest Fan

German “Mr. McDonald’s” May Be the Fast Food Chain’s Biggest Fan

A 32-year-old man nicknamed “Mr. McDonald’s has been eating every other day at the world’s most popular fast food chain for two decades and has invested a small fortune in McDonald’s-related clothing and memorabilia. David Geyer, a gardener from Bergheim, ate in a McDonald’s fast food restaurant for the first time in 1997. When he … Read more