This Girl Made A Heartwarming Birthday Publish On Instagram For Her Grandma Who’s Useless And Would not Give A Shit

Social media posts are often pointless and unnecessary, but here’s a story about a post that takes pointless and unnecessary to a whole new level: This woman made a heartwarming birthday post on Instagram for her dead granny who doesn’t give a shit. Damn it, that’s stupid as hell. What’s in it for anyone? Annabelle … Read more

California will enable Cruise to provide rides in driverless take a look at autos

California will allow Cruise to give rides in driverless test vehicles

Cruise Origin driverless shuttle cruise Cruise, the majority-owned General Motors autonomous vehicle company, may soon offer driverless test vehicle rides to California passengers. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced Friday that Cruise was authorized to take passengers with prototypes of robotic taxis. In a public statement, the CPUC said that Cruise will be the … Read more

How Sickle Cell Trait in Black Folks Can Give the Police Cowl

How Sickle Cell Trait in Black People Can Give the Police Cover

In May 1979, Los Angeles pathologists charged the death of Jerry Eugene Wright Jr., a 20-year-old black man who police officers had mistaken for a drug user, with “massive intravascular sickling.” In fact, he was the victim of a violent robbery; They handcuffed him and laid him face down on the floor, ignoring bystanders who … Read more

Suck-On Gadget Guarantees to Give Ladies a Coveted V-Formed Face

Suck-On Gadget Promises to Give Women a Coveted V-Shaped Face

A small, oval face with a well-defined and pointed V-line chin is one of the most sought-after female beauty features in many Asian countries, and you can apparently get it by simply sucking on a bottle-shaped device for 10 minutes a day. You can buy pretty much anything online these days, but every now and … Read more

President Biden Will Give Each American A Free Minor In Digital Humanities From SUNY Oswego

President Biden Will Give Every American A Free Minor In Digital Humanities From SUNY Oswego

More than 44 million Americans share a collective debt burden of $ 1.5 trillion, and that number is only growing because of skyrocketing tuition fees and high interest rates. Fortunately, President Biden has just signed an ordinance that will make life a lot easier for Americans pursuing a college degree: the government will now give … Read more