Ant Group Declares Overhaul as China Tightens Its Grip

Ant Group Announces Overhaul as China Tightens Its Grip

China’s swift campaign to curb the power of internet giants has hit its newest brand: Ant Group, the fintech sister company of e-commerce giant Alibaba. Ant announced Monday that the company would undertake a major, government-mandated overhaul of its business to address regulatory concerns about competition with competitors, the extensive collection of user data, and … Read more

Navy Imposes Full Grip on Myanmar in In a single day Crackdown

Military Imposes Full Grip on Myanmar in Overnight Crackdown

With the night in Myanmar came the terror. Armored vehicles and trucks carrying camouflaged soldiers moved into cities across the country on Sunday evening. Security forces fired rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas at a crowd. Troops surrounded the homes of government officials who had dared to join a nationwide campaign against civil disobedience. … Read more