Meditation Apps Need Us to Chill Out. Musicians Are Joyful to Assist.

When Erykah Badu creates a new song, she starts with instruments that are usually treated as accessories, such as singing bells, shakers, mallets and tuning forks. It has been like that since “Baduizm,” the singer and producer’s debut album in 1997. “What draws me and you and everyone else is that these frequencies and sounds … Read more

We’re glad to pay Apple 30%

We're happy to pay Apple 30%

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said Friday the social media company was happy to pay Apple’s 30% commission rate on in-app transactions. “We really feel that Snapchat would not exist without the iPhone and without the amazing platform Apple created,” said Spiegel on TechCheck. “With that in mind, I’m not sure we have the option to … Read more