Boko Haram Chief Actually Did Kill Himself, Audio Message Says

“The good news from the audio is that Shekau’s death doesn’t even come close to unifying Boko Haram,” Audu Bulama Bukarti, an expert on extremist groups in Africa at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, said on Twitter. “These obnoxious terrorists will eat themselves by killing each other.” He said that although it is … Read more

Within the Shadow of Nollywood, Filmmakers Look at Boko Haram

In the Shadow of Nollywood, Filmmakers Examine Boko Haram

And so Ovbiagele tried to recreate the plight of the victims of Boko Haram as he knew it as someone with little intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the organization. After a community of survivors from the northern Borno state moved near his home in Lagos, he spent months collecting first-person accounts of survivors … Read more