New Covid-19 Circumstances Dramatically Fell in Nursing Houses After Vaccination

New Covid-19 Cases Dramatically Fell in Nursing Homes After Vaccination

According to a new study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, nursing home residents, who are considered to be the most vulnerable to Covid-19, appear to be receiving significant protection from vaccinations. In a letter to the editor, the researchers said that the use of vaccinations also seemed to protect those living … Read more

Attending to Sure: A Nursing Residence’s Mission to Vaccinate Its Hesitant Employees

Getting to Yes: A Nursing Home’s Mission to Vaccinate Its Hesitant Staff

To them, the half-hour Tyler Perry video that played repeatedly on a giant screen in the multipurpose room seemed to have no response. Ms. Sandri, who is of Chinese descent, began to understand. “I’m Asian, but I’m not Japanese, Thai or Indian and they are very different people,” she said. “Unless we understand the cultural … Read more

U.S. Permits Indoor Visits in Nursing Properties. Right here’s What to Know.

U.S. Allows Indoor Visits in Nursing Homes. Here’s What to Know.

WASHINGTON – The Biden government on Wednesday released revised guidelines for visits to nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic, which will allow guests to see residents, regardless of whether they or the residents have been vaccinated. The recommendations, published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with comments from the Centers for Disease Control … Read more

Excessive Turnover at Nursing Properties Threatens Residents’ Care

High Turnover at Nursing Homes Threatens Residents' Care

Exceptionally high turnover among nursing home workers likely contributed to the shocking number of deaths in facilities during the pandemic, the authors of a new study suggested. The study, published Monday in Health Affairs, a health policy journal, provides a comprehensive overview of turnover rates in 15,645 nursing homes across the country, taking into account … Read more

New York well being chief defends state’s determination to make nursing properties take Covid sufferers

Cuomo administration underreported Covid deaths in nursing homes, report says

New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker on Friday defended the state’s decision in March to force nursing homes to admit hospital residents with the coronavirus, blaming staff for spreading the virus. The guideline, enacted on March 25, banned nursing homes from refusing admission or readmission to residents infected with Covid-19. The policy also banned … Read more