Distinctive Service Lets You Lease Fats Individuals by the Hour

A new Japanese service is getting noticed by allowing both individuals and businesses to rent “fat people” for 2,000 yen (US $ 18) an hour. Hiring people for various purposes is nothing new in Japan. From hiring someone to befriend your cheating partner’s lover and convince them to retire, to hiring middle-aged men for businesses, … Read more

The Present Should Go On: 6 Episodes Of ‘Maury’ The place The Visitors Didn’t Present Up So Maury Simply Took Being pregnant Exams For The Whole Hour

The Show Must Go On: 6 Episodes Of ‘Maury’ Where The Guests Didn’t Show Up So Maury Just Took Pregnancy Tests For The Entire Hour

During the 30-year run of his talk show, Maury had to improvise a few times when things didn’t go exactly as planned. Here are six episodes of ‘Maury’ that his guests didn’t appear in, so he was just doing pregnancy tests for the entire hour. 1. Episode 2459: Making sure Maury isn’t pregnant When this … Read more