Cholera ‘Ceaselessly Destroyed’ U.N.’s Picture in Haiti, Ban Ki-moon Says

“This disaster forever destroyed the reputation of the United Nations in Haiti,” Mr Ban wrote in the book. “I’m sick that the country hasn’t fully recovered.” Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World, Mr. Ban’s memoir, published this month by Columbia University Press, devotes a chapter to Haiti and the work of the United Nations … Read more

The NAACP Picture Award For Activist Of The 12 months Has Gone To This White Woman With An Instagram Story Spotlight Titled ‘BLM Sources’

The NAACP Image Award For Activist Of The Year Has Gone To This White Girl With An Instagram Story Highlight Titled ‘BLM Resources’

While any real activist will tell you they don’t do it for recognition, it’s always nice when someone who has really made a difference in the world gets their guilt. Here is the story of an inspiring young woman whose tireless work for racial justice is finally getting the recognition she deserves: This white girl … Read more

How Tina Turner Reclaimed Her Voice, Picture and Spirituality

How Tina Turner Reclaimed Her Voice, Image and Spirituality

Listen and Follow Still ProcessingApple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher She is simply the best. A new documentary on HBO (simply called “Tina”) examines Tina Turner’s tremendous triumphs, but we wanted to go deeper. We talk about how her entire career has been an act of taking back: when she took back her name, voice, … Read more

Watch Taylor Simone Ledward’s Emotional Picture Awards Speech

Watch Taylor Simone Ledward's Emotional Image Awards Speech

In an emotional speech during the NAACP Image Awards 2021, Taylor Simone Ledward emphasized the importance of having routine cancer screenings and being proactive in taking care of your own health. Ledward accepted the award for Outstanding Actor in a Film on behalf of her late husband, Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer last … Read more