As Israelis Await Netanyahu’s Destiny, Palestinians Seize a Second of Unity

As Israelis Await Netanyahu’s Fate, Palestinians Seize a Moment of Unity

Among the younger Palestinians, the discourse has moved from discussing possible borders of a supposed Palestinian mini-state on the border with Israel, which few believe will come about, to a broad and loose agenda for the pursuit of rights, freedom and justice Israel herself changed both in the occupied territories and in the occupied territories. … Read more

Palestinians and Israelis Each Vote Quickly. The Variations Are Stark.

Palestinians and Israelis Both Vote Soon. The Differences Are Stark.

Israeli leaders paid almost no public attention to the Palestinian elections – although this could potentially lead to a united Palestinian leadership that could represent a common front in peace negotiations with Israel. If the vote gives Hamas a bigger role within the Palestinian government, it could also affect Israel’s ability to coordinate with the … Read more