Justice Dept. Watchdog to Examine Seizure of Democrats’ Information

Justice Dept. Watchdog to Investigate Seizure of Democrats’ Data

The Times also reported that prosecutors struggled to gather information that would tie members of the Intelligence Committee or their staff to the leaks, but Mr Barr declined to close the investigation after being sworn in in 2019. The case ended up being closed without charge. A person close to Mr. Sessions said he was … Read more

Trump Justice Dept. Tried to Use Grand Jury to Determine Nunes Critic on Twitter

Trump Justice Dept. Tried to Use Grand Jury to Identify Nunes Critic on Twitter

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s Justice Department secretly received a grand jury subpoena last year to identify the person behind a Twitter account devoted to mocking California Representative Devin Nunes. This is evident from a recently unsealed court document. But Twitter battled the subpoena and an associated gag order that prevented the company from speaking publicly … Read more

Past WandaVision and Justice League: Superhero Streaming for Each Style

Beyond WandaVision and Justice League: Superhero Streaming for Every Taste

I want everyone to fight Kung Fu … ‘Iron fist’ The martial arts series “Kung Fu” from the 1970s with David Carradine crossed the martial arts film action with the themes and the tone of a superhero show. The restart of the CW “Kung Fu” won’t premiere until the beginning of April, and the MCU’s … Read more

What Makes Snyder’s Minimize Completely different From ‘Justice League’?

What Makes Snyder’s Cut Different From ‘Justice League’?

There are new cameos from Vulko (Willem Dafoe), Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), among others. Some of the less convincing visual effects shots of the Whedon version have been redesigned or refined, and the aspect ratio in which the film is presented has been changed from a traditional widescreen to a … Read more

‘After the Homicide of Albert Lima’ Overview: Justice His Personal Approach

‘After the Murder of Albert Lima’ Review: Justice His Own Way

How far would you go for justice? For Florida-born Paul Lima, the answer is to Honduras and back. In February 2000, Lima’s father, lawyer and businessman Albert Lima, traveled to the tiny Honduran island of Roatán to settle a debt. He never returned. A decade earlier, Albert Martin Coleman, his friend’s father, had given a … Read more

Colombia Seeks Justice for Conflict Atrocities Through New Court docket

Colombia Seeks Justice for War Atrocities Via New Court

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – The testimony burns. “They tied me to a tree,” said a victim of the guerrillas in Colombia. “They put us in a cage,” said another. “I was kidnapped for four years.” “Until then, I had never heard of mass graves,” said one military victim. “Finally, I understand that those responsible for protecting … Read more